An Educational and Community Asset

Historic grounds, a jewel along the Ohio River, a tradition of excellence, a local asset, a legacy of learning, an integral part of the community, a magnificent structure - none of these fully capture the potential Baden Academy Charter School's facility represents to the area and its families. By becoming a public charter school, a living landmark continues to serve the community by providing educational opportunities to students whose parents are able to make such a choice without regard to tuition or race, color or creed.

The former Mt. Gallitzin facility offers superb classrooms in a safe, serene setting. Decades of successful education attest to the practicality of the facility as a desirable learning environment, and the many spectacular features of this former school beckon its continued use for education and offer an unparalleled opportunity to any child in the community, regardless of income or background, to thrive in a unique and architecturally significant learning atmosphere.