Baden Academy Charter School Title I

Welcome to our Title I page!  You will find answers to many of your Title I questions and solutions to your needs right here.

What is Title I?  Our school benefits from Federal funds each year to help us purchase technology supplies, materials for reading and math interventions, products for our annual story walk, and so much more.  Please take a look at the various documents on this page.  This information is updated and dispersed annually, but it is always available here for your convenience.

The Annual Parent Survey is a document that helps our team determine how we should spend our funds each year.  Your opinion matters to us!  Look for the survey at the beginning of the calendar year.

The Parent-Family Engagement Policy has been board-approved.  It serves as a document that explains the working relationship between the school family and the home family.  Parents should feel welcome and involved in their child’s education.  Please take a look at it to understand how we work as a team.

There is an explanation page about the current assessments and standards that are used to help advance your child’s education.  These are resources that help the teachers and parents understand what direction needs to be taken to help our students succeed.  Our Federal funding is used to improve with the learning and we depend on these results in order to see what direction needs to be taken.

There is also a Compact and Right to Know letter that are distributed annually at the beginning of the year.  These documents are listed and fully explain Title I plans to help with your child’s success.

Please feel free to contact Samantha Lesak at or 1-855-590-2227 extension 2017 if you have any questions.



School Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy

School Level Parent Family Engagement Policy 2018-19




Here are some websites that our students use during the day to help in the areas of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They may log in with their username and password from school or you can set up your own account for use at home.


Title I Documentation

Baden Academy Charter School's Schoolwide Plan

Title I Parent Survey

Parent-Family Engagement Policy

Assessments and Standards Explanation

Title I Compact

Parent Right to Know

Right to Know (Spanish)



Annual Title I Parent Meeting

Annual Title I Parent Meeting

Annual Title I Parent Meeting (Spanish)

Movie Night 2018