Q: My child is in preschool. Can I put her on the wait-list for next year?

A: Our students are accepted by a state-mandated lottery system. Parents can start applying in January of the year their child will enter school in the fall.

Q: How do we apply for your school?

A: In January, we will have posted on our website complete directions on how to apply for our lottery.

Q: What is the lottery and how does it work?

A: Our admission policy is posted on our website. Please go to our website at www.badenacademy.org and click on the Policies heading at the top of the page, then navigate to Admissions Lottery on the left side of the page. From there, you can download the Admissions Lottery – Policy and Procedure document. You will find all the information on our lottery in this document.

Q: Once my child is accepted into Baden Academy, will we have to re-apply every year?

A: No, once students are enrolled in Baden Academy they remain a student unless parents or guardians withdraw them. If you withdraw them and then decide to return to the school, you will then have to go through the lottery procedure again.

Q: How do I pay for my child's lunch?

A: You can send payment into the office by placing it in a sealed envelope with the following on the outside: Lunch Money, Student's name, Student's homeroom teacher. You can also go the www.myschoolbucks.com and sign up to put money on your student's lunch account electronically. For complete instructions, student's user name and password, please contact the school office.

Q: Can I pay for my student's lunch by sending in a check?

A: Yes, please put your check in an envelope with the above information. Please make it payable to: BACS cafeteria.

Q: My child has a doctor's appointment and has to leave early. What is the procedure for early dismissal?

A: Send a note to the teacher with the time at which you need to pick up your student. When you arrive to get your student, please go to the office to sign your student out. The latest earliest dismissal will be 2:15pm on a normal day and noon on an early dismissal day.

Q: My student needs to take medication. What is the procedure?

A: Please contact the nurse, who will give you the correct forms.