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Baden Academy recently adopted ScienceFusion, a program from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that focuses on the national Next Generation Science Standards. This program offers a wide range of interactive instructional options, including write-in books, digital lessons, and both hands-on and virtual labs. Each lesson offers activities, probing questions, misconception alerts, differentiated instruction, and vocabulary support, and the curriculum allows our teachers to engage students in meaningful, inquiry-based learning. ScienceFusion also routinely incorporates literacy and math skills into the study of science, and our teachers supplement their lessons with sources including Generation Genius, Mystery Science, and Discovery Education.

In addition to this prepared curriculum, our teachers also create arts-integrated lessons tying science to arts and culture in meaningful ways. While studying plants, for example, fourth graders participate in a lesson on how artists like Claude Monet and Georgia O’Keefe used flowers and plants in their work—leading to a great discussion on the idea of “form and function.” Students preparing for our science fair may get a design lesson from the art teacher so they can present their information more clearly on their boards, or they may get support from the theater teacher in order to speak more confidently about their experiments.

Whether it’s learning that scientific names like helium, iris, and solar were named for mythological characters, or creating natural dyes to color yarn for a Calliope project, Baden Academy students learn to celebrate the beautiful connections between art and science.