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One of the primary resources Baden Academy students use for their social studies classes is Studies Weekly, which features engaging material in printed newspaper form. This cross-curricular literacy program allows students to highlight important information, take notes, and use other learning strategies right on the newspaper, which means they’re coming to understand history while practicing skills from their reading class. Students question and discuss history through these relevant lessons, and they also use supplemental reading material from Scholastic News.

In keeping with Baden Academy’s mission of arts integration, students also learn to connect social studies to language, music, art, and culture. Students who are studying elements of World War II, for example, read The Diary of Anne Frank in their theater classes. Students who are learning about Native Americans explore traditional dances and art forms, and all-school arts integration units may include each class contributing to a timeline of the arts from different countries and cultures around the world.

The National Council for the Social Studies writes, “Instead of a disconnected list of dates, names, events, and timelines, incorporating the arts provides students with a real context in which to apply social studies content. Getting students to engage with, use, and create art—in any form—provides a concrete way for them to connect to social studies content and concepts in innovative, creative, and purposeful ways.”