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The study of music has been proven to enhance a child’s education and development in countless ways. The chair of the Early Childhood Music Department with John Hopkins University points to neuroscience research that shows “children involved in music have larger growth of neural activity than people not in music training” because playing an instrument requires multiple processes from both sides of the brain to engage at the same time. Other benefits include improved listening and language skills, increased creativity and confidence, improved eye-hand coordination, and the valuable chance to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal.  
Baden Academy embraces all of these benefits of music education—academic growth, personal development, physical challenge, and experiencing the joy of being part of something greater than ourselves. We have two teachers who collaborate to offer both choral and instrument instruction, and there are multiple opportunities each year for our students to perform for an audience. Students come to see the dynamic nature of music—its role of in history and world cultures, its connection to mathematical skills, its ability to capture emotion—and realize music is truly a language of its own.  
A pandemic update: While Baden Academy has offered violin instruction since the opening of our school, we have made a decision to transition temporarily and become a ukulele school! All students in grades 1-6—whether they are attending school in our hybrid model or are learning remotely—will be receiving a ukulele and getting online instruction to learn to play it. We are immensely proud that we will be able to continue to offer instruction on a stringed instrument, and we are eager to see what our students can do with this new and exciting opportunity!