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Significant research has shown that a younger child’s brain is receptive to learning languages, but if students wait until late middle school or high school to start learning the same language, the task becomes much harder. Why is it, then, that only 25 percent of elementary schools in the United States offer such language programs?
Baden Academy sees learning a second language as a real opportunity. Starting in Kindergarten, all our students are exposed to world cultures in weekly classes, with an emphasis on the Spanish language. The program provides students with the practical skills of learning a second language, the intellectual challenge of thinking and speaking in a new way, and the chance to develop empathy and understanding about cultures that are different than their own.
We offer both conversational and written components of our Spanish instruction, and there are many opportunities for crossover lessons between English language arts and Spanish. Many of our graduating sixth graders have been able to pass out of their school districts lower level language courses and pick up with higher level courses. 
¡Estamos orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes por aprender a hablar español!
That means we are proud of our students for learning to speak Spanish!