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National Mythology Exam

The National Mythology Exams are rigorous tests taken each year by over 9,000 students who attend public, private, or charter schools, and they are also popular with families who homeschool. Since mythology plays such an important role in the history, art, theater, and Language Arts curricula at Baden Academy, preparing for this exam is a natural extension of that cross-curricular learning. Therefore, each year since 2016, dedicated groups of sixth graders have accepted the challenging of preparing for this exam, and each year, the majority of those students have scored well enough to earn national medal rankings. In fact, we've had students every year earn gold medals with perfect scores!  
The two National Mythology Exams—the Perseus Exam for younger students and the Medusa Exam for high schoolers—are created by Excellence Through Classics (ETC), which is division of the well-respected American Classical League. If your child is interested in learning more about this exam, please reach out to our Arts Integration Coordinator, Mrs. Carrie Kennedy, who runs this program: