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Mrs. Marta Karwoski

After earning a BS in education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s in education from the University of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Karwoski began her teaching career. She worked primarily in middle and high school settings where she taught literature, creative writing, composition, and journalism, and she retired from teaching after 31 years with the Rochester Area School District. She served as an educational consultant with The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, she was on the board of directors of the Community College of Beaver County and worked with the CCBC Foundation, and she is an advocate for equitable public education. Marta recognizes that Baden Academy fills a vital need for many families in Beaver County and is inspired by the school’s strong sense of community. As the board’s current president, she remains committed to supporting the school’s mission of providing a learning environment that emphasizes creative and critical thinking through arts integration and a strong science foundation.

Professional Dermatologist
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