Dress Code

Baden Academy Charter School reserves the right to establish dress and grooming guidelines that are within the parameters of generally accepted community standards. Standards are required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness. Fashions and fads that constitute a health or safety hazard to the student or others will not be permitted.

Student dress and personal appearance must not disrupt or distract from the educational environment of the school. Any form of dress or appearance so determined is prohibited. Students who are in violation of the dress code must immediately change into alternate clothing provided by the school or parent to correct the violation. If it is not feasible to correct the violation the student must be sent home.

Any emerging trend, which is not addressed below, will be evaluated by the administration based upon the guidelines in the school's dress code.

The school's dress code:

  • Requires that shorts and skirts reach the tip of the middle finger when the hands are fully extended down to the side. Slits in skirts and dresses must be an appropriate length. Shorts, capris, and floods are permitted August through October and April through June. Use common sense when choosing clothing for extreme temperatures and weather.
  • Requires the wearing of shoes. Slippers, flip-flops, strap sandals, and open-toed shoes that do not offer sanitary or safety protection, are prohibited.
  • Prohibits apparel that may constitute a threat to the health, safety or welfare of others, including wallet chains, belts made of chain, etc.
  • Prohibits key chains that consist of a long strap worn around the neck. The key chain must be in the student's pocket for safety reasons.
  • Requires that shirts, blouses and trousers be properly buttoned in accordance with the design. See-through material must be worn with a garment underneath.
  • Prohibits slogans or sayings written across sensitive areas of the body, as well as written and pictorial graphics that draw attention to sensitive areas of the body, such as the chest, buttocks, pelvis, etc.
  • Prohibits spandex clothing, biking pants, boxer shorts, or exercise clothing. Sweat suit clothing is permitted.
  • Prohibits canes or cane-like items unless approved by the school nurse.
  • Prohibits tank tops, crop tops, mesh clothing, and bare midriff attire.
  • Prohibits the wearing of hats, sweat bands, head gear, and sunglasses in the building.
  • Prohibits the display of slogans or advertising of alcohol, tobacco products, or drug paraphernalia on clothing, which by their controversial or obscene nature disrupt the educational setting or are sexual in nature or offensive to any ethnic group.
  • Prohibits wearing bandannas or handkerchiefs on heads, around necks, hanging out of the pocket or tied to any body part. Any clothing identified as gang related is strictly prohibited.
  • Prohibits torn or ripped clothing.
  • Requires that pants and shorts be worn to the waist and that pants be of a length, unrolled, which do not touch the floor.
  • Prohibits oversized clothing, including pants, t-shirts, shirts, coats, and jackets.
  • Prohibits wearing coats, jackets, or garments designed for protection from outside elements in the building during the school day.
  • Prohibits the wearing to school of dyed or sprayed hair of an unnatural color or improper hair adornments.
  • Prohibits the exposure of the piercing of any body parts except the ears.