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Staff Directory


Michelle Lennon - CEO

Craig Jeffers - Principal

Maurice Wigley - Assistant Principal

Andy Petro - Director of Technology

Front Office

Chelsea Mason - Executive Assistant

Susan Creese - Administrative Assistant


Sam Lesak - Title 1 Coordinator

Theresa Pollock - Student Services Coordinator

Karie Walaan - Gifted & Enrichment Coordinator

Classroom Teachers By Team


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade


Rosemary Aquilina - Calliope

Leilani Cataldi - Theater

April Gallagher - Spanish

Johnny Gallagher - Theater

Sean Garee - Violin

Kelli Keriotis - Calliope

Tim Kraemer - Physical Education

Kassanra Smith - Music

Special Education Teachers

Stacie Barraclough - Special Education Teacher

Colleen Kenny - Special Education Teacher

Kimberly Phillips - Special Education Teacher

Cathy Scuilli - Special Education Teacher

Stephanie Seybert - Special Education Teacher

Teachers' Assistants

Support Staff

Rachel Cashdollar - Purchasing Coordinator

Melissa Golden - Human Resources

Debra Martin - Guidance Counselor

Janice Pawlawski - Nurse

Beth Poleti - Business Manager

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